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O.C. Vacuum, Inc's experience, specialized resources, equipment and an emergency response subcontactor network, ensures immediate, effective response to any emergency. Through quick response and application of innovative technologies, we alleviate environmental, health, safety, and economic adverse impacts that can result from natural disasters or industrial accidents. 


Our personnel and equipment are accessible to our clients through a single phone call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


  • Chemical Spills

  • Over-Turned Tanker Spills

  • Over the Water Spill Response (OSRO)

  • Gas, Diesel, & Oil Spills

  • Sewage Spills

  • Contaminated Soil Excavation & Disposal

  • Ruptured Chemical Process Lines

  • Dangerous Reacting Chemicals

  • Unknown/Abandoned Chemicals 

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