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O.C. Vacuum, Inc. is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and The Department of Fish and Wildlife to provide terrestrial/land and maritime OSRO services. With our over the water transfer permit, O.C. Vacuum, Inc. is authorized to pump off of barges and perform over the water transfers in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego waterways. 


  • Barge Cleaning

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Vessel Cleaning

  • Over the Water Transfers

  • Emergency Spill Response

  • Oil Skimming

  • Containment Booming

  • Bilge Cleaning

  • Slops Removal 


Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSROs) play an integral part in any oil spill incident. We have been evaluated through Oil Spill Response Organization's (OSRO's) unannounced drill program and have received a satisfactory rating based on response time and performance. We have the ability to rapidly respond to a variety of oil spill incidents on land and sea.

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